See the most of Madrid in 3 days

The Ultimate Guide for a long weekend trip to the Spanish capital!

Definitely one of the perfect places to go on a holiday in autumn is Madrid. This lively city has loads of things to do and see while enjoying the time in 20-25 °C with clear blue sky. Can it be better for a city trip?

We could not only visit Madrid in these 3 days but we could make it to Toledo as well. Of course, we could have spent more time there, but you can still go to many places in a short holiday with a little planning.

I was amazed about this bustling city. Even though we heard such a great things about it I just did’t expected being so amused by the Spanish capital.

In Madrid people are mostly friendly and can speak English so you don’t have to be worried if you’re not fluent in Spanish – well, it’s easy to say when one of you is from Mexico… – well okay, a very little vocabulary can be useful for such as ordering a taxi.

If you stay within the M-30 road ring, you are literally so close to everything. The public transport is well organized, and you can get visitors’ tickets for a few days in a good price.

The food is in available price, and you can try the Spanish cuisine in every corner. We’ll write more about the Spanish menu in the Foodie section later.

So, let’s see what we could do in Madrid in 3 – and a half – days:

3-day itinerary for Madrid

Day 0 (half day):

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

For a football fan this is definitely compulsory. They offer a tour inside the stadium for 25€ each. They have a quite interactive exhibition about the history of Real Madrid and it’s people ever involved in the club’s life. Among other areas such as the Presidential Balcony, we could walk down to the players’ dressing room, have a little rest in their seats beside the pitch. As a Hungarian I was happy that Ferenc Puskás – their only Hungarian player ever – appeared on the screens many times.

We spent the rest of the day walking in the city centre, having a Sangria in a sun-drenched place, and finally we ended up in a Mexican restaurant — because at least there we knew the menu.

Day 1:

City Bike Tour

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We were recommended of taking a bike tour in the city which turned out to be one of the best choice during our city trip. The guide took us on the most important and visited places of Madrid within 3 hours, what we couldn’t have made without a bike because of the shortage of time. Here is the link of the map where we cycled with Rent and Roll. Highly recommended!

San Miguel Market

San Miguel Market Madrid Spain
San Miguel Market, Madrid

Stopped here for a quick look during the bike trip. It is a smaller market but full of fresh tapas and sweets. Spanish markets are so exciting and full of different food, drink and hand-made stuffs. You can hop in one easily as there are a lot in Madrid.

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Chamberí Ghost Station

Chamberi Ghost Station Madrid City Spain
The eerie Chamberi Ghost Station in the heart of Madrid

The metro station has been closed many years ago although, the train still passes every day. Nowadays it is a free-pass museum. The guide of the exhibition tells more stories about it’s history, however, in Spanish… He spoke English so I could ask, but he didn’t make the tour in English. It’s a nice stop during wandering in the capital.

Templo de Debod

A little Egypt in the middle of Spain. The most amusing is at sunset with the burning sky in the background. It was a donation from Egypt to Spain for their help in saving the Abu Simbel temples. Being an ancient Egyptian architecture outside Egypt it is one of the rarest attraction and the only one of its kind in Spain. So romantic! 😉

Day 2:


Toldeo Mirador del Valle, Spain
Toledo from the Mirador del Valle

This section is not enough to describe Spain’s previous capital city, Toledo. The old town is such a magical place with tons of exhibitions, attractions, museums, cathedrals, synagogues, etc. Amazing atmosphere. Don’t skip the Mirador del Valle to have a stunning view of the city. The first thing we made, and I recommend you to have. Oh, and take the bus to the hill, anyways it’s a long walk, and you will walk enough in the city in the rest of the day.


Madrid is one of the best capitals in Europe for partying. The city center is almost busier at night than during the day. Parties start quite late so don’t worry you can never be too late! In some places you can have a drink from the entrance price. As we came up from the metro we were “attacked” by party promoters, so don’t worry if you don’t know the places, they’ll help you to find one. Perfect place for reggaeton lovers!

Day 3:

El Rastro

El Rastro Madrid Spain Shopping Market
The crowded El Rastro, Madrid

Time for shopping! A huge street market with arts and crafts, clothes, jewelry. You can easily find some nice souvenirs here for everyone. Take care of your belongings there! (they say). And it’s better to get some cash before arriving there, we were waiting half an our at the closest ATM. But it was worth it!

Las Ventas

Traditional bullfight in Las Ventas, Madrid Spain
The traditional bullfight in Las Ventas, Madrid

We were lucky enough to be there on a bullfight day. Okay, I know it’s kinda really bad, but still, so traditional since a long time in Spain, and they still keep all the customs. The toreadors wearing the same style of clothes as before. I would’t go so often anyway, but to be there once and feel the atmosphere, I have to say it was exciting.

More places:

As we met with friends from Madrid for an afternoon, and we chose Toledo for one day we could’t go in some places. Based on your time and interest you can include the following places:

Royal Palace of Madrid

Spanish Royal Palace Madrid
The Spanish Royal Palace

The royal palace is still the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family, although only the state ceremonies are held here recently. With a ticket – costs about 11€ – you can enter and go on a tour to see the amazing architecture of the building inside as well. They also have temporary art exhibitions. The changing of the guards are held every Wednesday and Sunday. Check the free entry times on the website!

Almudena Cathedral

Just in front of the Royal Palace! This cathedral may seem old, but not really actually. However, that doesn’t mean it not worth to visit! The echo of the huge bells of the cathedral can be heard all over the city centre. The admission to the catedral is free, the museum costs only 6€.

Museo del Prado

El Prado Museum Madrid line spain
Waiting for the Art lovers to enter the Prado is definitely worth it

To be honest, I am not a huge fun of paintings. Sure I appreciate them! But when having a lack of time in a trip they aren’t the no. 1 on my list. However, if you do interested in them the Prado museum is one of the world’s most famous art galleries. It is easy to access – like most of the sights in Madrid – and located in a peaceful area of the city. Check out when you should go for easy access as a lot of people were waiting to enter. Free access available in specified times: from Monday to Saturday 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. and Sundays and holidays 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

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There are so much more things to see in Madrid for sure as it is a huge city with loads of sights and interesting places. These are only the top places I collected! Don’t hesitate to put in comment if I missed something so important!

Come back soon as more posts are coming about Madrid’s nightlife and Toledo! Hope you are excited going to Spain!

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