Cliffs of Moher: Ireland’s must see place

One of the must see places in the Irish coast

One of the fascinating places on Earth which shows the history of our planet. It has been 320 million years since the cliffs started being formed and it is still in the making.

The cliffs emerge from the Atlantic Ocean by 214 metres at their highest point at the O’Brien’s Tower. The individual rock layers can be seen all the way along the 14 kilometers long cliffs representing particular events in the formation of the Terra Firma.

The Cliffs of Moher is part of the famous 2500 kilometers long Wild Atlantic Way which runs through Ireland’s most picturesque coastal places.

Arriving to the Cliffs

The Cliffs of Moher are located on the west coast of Ireland in County Clare. It is easily accessible and can be enjoyed even on the busiest visiting days as the cliffs stretch a long way.

First head for the parking lot in case of visiting by car. Then cross the road to arrive to the visitors center. While you walk you will see little souvenir “caves” on your right.

Souvenir shops at the Visitor Center

The museum at the visitors center offers you to learn more about the formation of the Cliffs of Moher and to explore the surrounded environment with it’s animals. A short movie shows not only the birds – including the famous Atlantic Puffins – but goes under the sea to “swim” with the aquatic animals.

Hiking on the Edge

Leaving the visitor’s center you can continue your way in two directions. The stoned path to the North leads you to O’Brien’s Tower. This is the highest point of the cliffs and because of this it offers a breathtaking view. You can enter the tower to obtain a more spectacular scene for 2€. I recommend to start your trip in this way as you will probably walk longer in the other direction.

O’Brien’s Tower, July

Walking to the South will give you more that indescribable feeling of being at the Cliffs. Watching over the horizon of the sea, listening the crush of waves while the cool breeze blows over your face… This is something I can not describe here, you really have to go there to experience it! I’ve been at the Cliffs twice already – it’s a must see place with family and friends who are coming to visit Ireland – but I am still amused any time I am there.

There is a stoned path for a while in this direction as well with a barrier, but it ends quite soon and then you can continue your walk on a dirt path which can be really muddy sometimes. You have to be careful here! There’s nothing that can hold you back from the edge of the Cliffs. This is both exciting and dangerous. If you go to the edge do at your own risk, be really careful as the Namurian shale and sandstone consistence can crumble.

If you keep going to the South you can reach Hag’s Head within 3 kilometres. Until 1808 a fort called Moher stood here, hence the name of the Cliffs of Moher. Nowadays an old lookout tower from the Napoleonic wars breaks the coastal wind.

Hag’s Head is at the very end of the Cliffs

Local Tip: If you wish to skip the busy tourist area, you can start your visit here as well. Keep in, mind the path can be slippery!

The muddy path in October. This barrier ends after a while.

Other perspective

If you wish to see the Cliffs from below, you can go on a ferry boat tour which takes you close to the huge wall.

There are also a few coastal walk that you can take mainly from the nearest village, Doolin.

Getting There

You can rent a car easily in Ireland. In Hertz you don’t have to obtain a credit card.

There are also bus tours which can be an option as well, but gives you less freedom during your trip. There are trips to the Cliffs from Dublin, Cork and Limerick as well.

Ireland’s most popular bus company, the Bus Éireann also offers some routes to the cliffs, but you might have to change if you come for example from Dublin.

Be prepared

The Irish weather is really unpredictable. I’ve been living here for more than a year now and it can always cause a surprise even for the locals, good and bad as well. Be prepared for the rain and wind and bring a warm waterproof jacket and boots that you don’t mind to use in the mud.

But sometimes you don’t need those warm clothes… I should have brought sneakers as well. A rare sunny warm day at the Cliffs of Moher

There’s a restaurant and food shop in the visitor’s center but I recommend you to have some sandwiches and water if you are planning to walk further on the path from the crowd to have less people around you.

Visiting period

The visitor’s center is open the whole year round, but you will most likely have better weather during the summer. However, my first visit was in the middle of October, it was windy, but sunny! I heard from friends who went in the morning that the view was quite bad because of the fog, so maybe it is better to go after 11-12 am, but of course it varies day by day.


The Cliffs of Moher was one of the locations where the Harry Potter movie the Half Blood Prince was filmed.

Useful Info

More information about prices can be found at the official Cliffs Of Moher site.

If you are coming via Limerick, visit the Bunratty Castle and Folf Park just after leaving the city. It can be seen easily as it is just beside the motorway.

Bunratty Castle

The close town Lahinch has a nice beach where in case of nice weather you can swim or try out some watersports.

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It is not a surprise that the Cliffs of Moher is one of the most visited places in the beautiful Ireland. I wholeheartedly recommend to visit the place if you love exploring the nature.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment below! 🙂
Have a nice day! – Bíodh lá maith agat!

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