About us

Our life brought us from Mexico and Hungary to Ireland where we met and currently make a living.

Since then we have so much experience and adventures behind us and we are focusing on making more in the future. We would like to share with you our travel plans, trips, recommendations and tips based on our experience. Our goal is to gain local experience during our holiday.

We hope it will help you to inspire your next vacation!

                                           Eszti & Pepe

What we would like to share

Local tips and trip plans itinerary

Trip Plans

The blue stamped articles help you planning your next trip based on ours. Sightseeing, useful links and tips collected from local friends and people.

Photo with Mariachi Women in Tlaquepaque Guadalajara Mexico

Travel Blog

Collection of all the adventures, experience and tips acquired during our travels collected in one place. Browse for interesting articles by destinations as well.

Local Food

We love trying out unique restaurants and the local cuisine where ever we are. We are here to give you tips about where and what to eat next time or in your next trip.


Find the red stamped articles for restaurant reviews. Not just fancy but small local food stalls and foodtrucks are involved as well.

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